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Go to the lesson for the mission report you've already submitted and would like to edit. Scroll down below the lesson content. Next to the words "My Mission Report" click the [Edit] link.
You can interact and comment on other members' links by hitting "reply" under their posting or you can begin you own "thread" by going into the Forums tab and selecting a topic and then yellow "create thread" button at top of page.
Mission reports appear at the bottom of each Lesson page.
We expect that you will spend 30-90 minutes a week to complete Relationship Bootcamp, depending on how deeply you engage the program. The course is self-paced so ultimately how much time you spend on it is up to you.
You have the option to privately publish your mission report so that it is only seen by myGreenlight administrators. Check the box labeled "Please do not share my comments with other members." The box is below the text field on the page where you submit y...
Call recordings are available in the Events [1] tab, and on the Social Capitalist blog [2]. Links: ------ [1] [2]
Each lesson has a mission and resources to support it. First watch and read the resources, then check off that you have completed them. Next, complete your mission and file your mission report. Writing about your mission is an optional but important...
Click on Events in the navbar to view the call calendar: In the calendar you can click on a specific call. Then click: Get Call-in Information.
There is a tab at the top of your menu bar and there is a "Blog" icon on each lesson page that will take you directly to the blog.
Build Powerful, Purposeful Relationships